Kansas City’s Cat Potty Training and House Soiling

Training Philosophy

As Kansas City’s premier cat trainers, we make cat litter box training easy.

Does your cat refuse to use the litter box? With years of experience and data from training hundreds of cats, we can confidently say we can help any cat use the litter box and stop all cat house soiling. Cats stop using the litter box for a variety of reasons including underlying medical issues, marking due to other cats in the home, or being afraid to eliminate due to a startling event that interrupted elimination. Our Kansas City cat behavior consultants will help eliminate the stress and frustration associated with cat potty training! We will help uncover the root cause of the house soiling and effectively teach your cat to use the litter box instead. Our Kansas City cat training programs are based on the latest research in cat behavior as well as the hundreds of cat potty training cases we’ve seen.

We prioritize stress-free solutions for both cats and owners. By utilizing positive reinforcement, environmental management, and behavior modification strategies, we will teach your cat successful litter box habits. Our goal is to provide Kansas City pet owners with simple yet effective training plans tailored to their cat’s unique needs, fostering harmonious living environments. After completing our Indirect Assessment of Feline Behavior, our pre-training team will create a training program personalized to your cat’s needs. Then, one of our cat behavior experts will come to your home to help you implement the training plan to get your cat using the litter box again as fast as possible! We aim to resolve all house soiling issues and create a hygienic, happy home for both you and your cat.

Training Programs

Cat Potty Training and House Soiling 1-Hour Consultations (In-Person or Virtual)

Our 1-hour training sessions will help you eliminate all cat house soiling. We will create a personalized cat training plan to help your cat successfully use the litter box at all times.

Our goal is to eliminate all cat house soiling. In our cat training consultations, we will:

  • Implement personalized behavior modification plans tailored to each cat’s unique needs to eliminate house soiling
  • Offer hands-on guidance and practical demonstrations to help owners effectively communicate with their cats and reinforce desired litter box behaviors
  • Provide ongoing support and troubleshooting to address any challenges or setbacks, ensuring sustained progress and successful resolution of house soiling issues

Our cat training programs for house soiling are based on extensive animal behavior research that supports our evidence-based approach. After training hundreds of cats to successfully use the litter box, we have cat potty training down to a science. Our unique treatment of cat problem behavior draws upon years of experience with cats struggling to use the litter box and is supported by the latest research on feline behavior such as the study by Buffington et al. (2017). This research underscores the importance of considering various factors, including medical, environmental, and behavioral influences, when addressing litter box issues. By incorporating findings from reputable sources, we ensure that our training programs are comprehensive and effective in resolving house-soiling problems for cats and their owners. According to Dr. Echterling-Savage, “Cats can be very sensitive to their environment which can make litter box training a complicated process. My job is to make a complicated process easy for pet parents by creating a fuss-free approach to a frustrating problem.”

Whether you live in Kansas City or beyond, our cat potty training programs are available both virtually and in person in Kansas City. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Echterling-Savage, our cat training programs are meticulously crafted to address the root causes of house-soiling behaviors. Prior to training, our pre-training team will use our proprietary Indirect Assessment of Feline Behavior to analyze your cat’s history and behavior, ensuring a tailored approach that considers your cat’s individual needs. Once our program is created, one of our experienced behavior consultants will implement this plan, providing personalized guidance and support either virtually or in person. By the end of your cat’s training program, your cat should be using the litter box with no problems. Virtual consultations with Dr. Echterling-Savage are priced at $375 for an hour, while sessions with one of our Kansas City trainers, under her supervision, are available for $150 per hour virtually and $160 per hour in person.