Kansas City’s Cat Manners and Obedience Training

Training Philosophy

As Kansas City’s premier cat trainers, we transform feline behavior with expert guidance.

Do you wish your new kitten came with an instruction manual? Enroll in one of our in-home or virtual kitten training programs and we will teach you everything you need to know on how to raise a happy, social, well-behaved kitten! Did you know you can train a kitten just like you can train a puppy? Along with proper training, socialization is also critical for kittens, just like it is for puppies. Using treats and classical conditioning, we can help you ensure that all of your kitten’s early experiences are positive. Our Kansas City kitten training programs will teach you how to properly handle your kitten, attend veterinary visits without inducing stress, introduce your kitten to current pets, and so much more! Led by a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, our Kansas City in-home kitten training sessions are designed to efficiently train essential manners and obedience skills in your kitten.

Is your cat ruining your furniture with their scratching? Do you wish your cat knew obedience commands such as “come when called” or leash walking? From addressing common behavioral issues such as scratching, meowing, and biting owners, to teaching advanced obedience commands like “come when called” and leash walking, our science-based cat training can teach your cat any new behavior or skill. With personalized attention and tailored strategies, our Kansas City trainers are uniquely qualified to empower cat owners to effectively communicate with their pets and foster a deeper understanding of cat behavior. After completing our Indirect Assessment of Feline Behavior that we created based on training hundreds of cats, our pre-training team, led by Dr. Echterling Savage, will create a training program to address any cat training concern. Then, your behavior consultant will come directly to your home to work with you and your cat. Our in-home cat training programs will help you live your best life with your beloved cat without you leaving the comfort of your home!

Training Programs

Executive Cat Manners & Obedience Training Program

Our Executive Training Program is recommended for Kansas City kitten and cat owners looking to teach their cats advanced obedience and good manners. From leash walking to eliminating appropriate scratching, our Kansas City behavior consultants will help you achieve any kitten or cat training goal!

Our training objective is to teach your kitten or cat good behavior while instilling a love of learning. In our in-home kitten and cat training programs, we can:

  • Reduce or eliminate excessive meowing
  • Minimize all furniture scratching
  • Decrease biting behavior through positive reinforcement techniques
  • Establish reliable recall skills
  • Teach comfortable leash walking both indoors and outdoors
  • Reduce all stress associated with carrier training

Our kitten and cat behavior modification programs for obedience and essential manners are grounded in extensive practical experience, the expertise of our Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, and the latest research in animal behavior. With over two decades of working with cats, our team has designed cat training programs that have been meticulously crafted to address common behavioral issues while promoting positive interactions between cats and their owners. Additionally, we draw upon evidence-based research as seen in the study by Seksel (2008) to inform our methodologies, ensuring that our approach is both effective and ethical. According to our CAAB, Dr. Echterling-Savage, “It is exciting to see a change in behavior with kittens, just like we do with puppies. Pet parents are often amazed that so much training can be done with a kitten.”

The Executive Training Program offers comprehensive in-home training sessions tailored to your cat’s specific needs. Over the course of three to four weeks, you’ll receive 1-hour sessions, three days a week. Upon submitting your training contract and completing the Indirect Assessment of Feline Behavior, our pre-training team, under the guidance of Dr. Echterling-Savage, meticulously designs a personalized training program for your furry companion. Your designated trainer will then conduct two one-on-one sessions with your cat each week, focusing on targeted behavioral modifications. The third session, dedicated to developing your cat training skills, ensures a holistic approach to pet training and integration. Please be advised that additional fees may apply if the indirect behavior assessment indicates severe behavior issues in your cat, as confirmed by our expert team.

Cat Obedience & Manners 1-Hour Consultation (In-Person or Virtual)


Want expert advice on all things kitten and cat training without ever having to leave your home? We can deliver exactly that! Whether addressing meowing, scratching, biting, recall training, leash walking, or carrier training, our sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs and behaviors of each individual cat or kitten. Our pre-training team will create your training plan based on your goals listed in the Indirect Assessment of Feline Behavior. Afterward, one of our Kansas City trainers will come to your home to work with you and your cat or kitten one-on-one! We also have online consultations for kittens and cats that live outside of the Greater Kansas City Area! Virtual consultations with Dr. Echterling-Savage are priced at $375 for an hour, while sessions with one of our Kansas City trainers, under her supervision, are available for $150 per hour virtually and $160 per hour in person.