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Our Dog training programs have been developed by Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Dr. Echterling-Savage and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Sean Savage.

We offer 3 base training options for dogs 6 months and older. From our base options, our trainers will build your dog’s perfect program by incorporating your training goals, location of training, your dog’s age, breed and training history. We serve the greater Austin, Houston, Kansas City, and St. Louis areas!

Hear from Sean Savage about our dog training philosophy.

Nationwide Locations

Dog training services offered across 4 major markets.

Beyond the Dog offers dog training throughout the greater Austin, Houston, Kansas City, and St. Louis areas. Using our specialized training programs we treat anything from obedience behaviors to severe problem behavior in dogs.

Austin Dog Training

Houston Dog Training

Kansas City Dog Training

St. Louis Dog Training

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