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Our dog training programs are designed specifically for you and your dog. Our individualized programs with one-on-one instruction allow us to address your dog’s behaviors that are most important to you. We create programs that are customized to you, your dog, and your day-to-day life. Do you want to ensure your dog has good manners if you’re hosting a dinner in your Mission Hill’s home? We can craft an in-home training program that meets your needs! Looking to walk on the Trolley Trail or around Loose Park but your dog’s leash walking isn’t up to par? We can train in that specific location and address leash walking and more! Do you want to hit The Village for lunch or a coffee shop around Town Center Plaza, but your dog is too reactive? We can treat reactivity directly where it occurs!
We want to help you experience all that there is to offer with your dog throughout Kansas City. The ability to craft each dog training program around each dog and every owner’s needs comes from our local training team’s unmatched knowledge and experience. Led by our three Kansas City dog training experts—a Ph.D. level Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, and a Ph.D. candidate and Board Certified Behavior Analyst—we only incorporate current applied animal behavior research into each and every program. Beyond the Dog creates long-term behavior change using fun and stress-free techniques for every dog we train!

Our Dog Training Philosophy

Houston Training Program - All-inclusiv

All-Inclusive Training Program

Do you want your dog to be well-behaved and a model 4-legged-Kansas City citizen? Interested in hitting one of the many Kansas City dog-friendly restaurants but concerned about your dog’s behavior? Are you concerned about more severe problem behavior like aggression with your dog? Our All-Inclusive Training program is the most popular program for those interested in treating problem behavior in the Kansas City community or within the confines of your home. We customize this private, in-home training program to meet nearly any dog training needs including problem behavior and high level-obedience. This program consists of four days a week of training for five weeks. During the first three days each week we train your dog and on the fourth day each week we train you! This unique structure is the most effective in teaching your dog new skills while allowing you to learn how to maintain their behavior. After the five weeks of intense training, there are (2) follow up sessions to adjust any treatment aspects needed. For All-Inclusive training programs requiring the oversight of our behavior team, pricing starts at $3440. For obedience-only All-Inclusive training programs, pricing starts at $3190. Please note that our indirect behavior assessments will confirm that an obedience-only program matches your dog best.

Executive Training Program

Is your dog just a bit too excitable or reactive while hitting a Kansas City walking trail? Do you want to get a start on obedience commands for your dog’s outings to Loose Park? Maybe you’re interested in behavior modification for a non-severe problem behavior. Our Executive Training Program is an excellent training option for those that are interested in starting obedience behaviors or treating a minor problem behavior. With our customized training programs, we have the ability to help you prioritize your training goals to get the most out of your training program. Our Executive Training Program consists of three days per week of training–the first two days of training we work directly with your dog and the third day each week we teach you! The program spans three to four weeks, depending on your dog’s current behavior and your overall goals. For Executive training programs requiring the oversight of our behavior team, pricing starts at $1650 for three weeks and $2050 for four weeks. For obedience-only Executive training programs, pricing starts at $1350 for three weeks and $1800 for four weeks. Please note that our indirect behavior assessments will confirm that an obedience-only program matches your dog best.
Houston Executive Dog Training Program
Houston, TX Dog Training - Board and Train Dog Training Programs

Board and Train Program

Is your adult dog still behaving like a boisterous puppy? Is it your goal to have an obedient dog with high-level obedience? Are you traveling and want to take advantage of your time away? Our Board and Train program is a unique training option that comes with an unmatched level of quality! During the program your dog lives in the home of a trainer. During their stay they become a part of their trainer’s family and, in addition to training sessions, are incorporated into their daily life. Your trainer will address your specific dog training goals in addition to teaching high-level obedience behaviors. Upon your dog’s return to you, your trainer will instruct you during 4.5 hours of in-home training! This program is an excellent investment in your dog’s future as you see an immediate and dramatic change in their behavior! Pricing starts at $4240.

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