Best Local Pet Stores

March 14, 2022

Frenchie Dog Training

When preparing for a new puppy or dog, we know first hand that there are so many options to choose from to get the food, toys, and equipment they need. We have made a list of our favorite stores you can find in Houston and the surrounding areas to make the search a little easier. If you aren’t sure where to start with the necessities for your dog yet, you can find our recommended list of puppy/dog supplies here.

Central Houston Area:

In Houston and the surrounding areas, you should be able to easily find one of the following big brand stores that have a large variety of equipment and food to choose from. We’ve also listed a few reasons why we purchase some of our own supplies and treats here.

Petsmart has all of our favorite training equipment such as the Easy Walk Harness and 50 foot long lines to practice come when called and wait at the door. Next to the large array of food they offer, they also offer grooming and puppy socialization classes, which we HIGHLY recommend if you just brought a new puppy home. Many Petsmart’s also offer a veterinary clinic called Banfield inside their stores which some of our clients find great for ease of access. If you shop at Petsmart, you can sign up for their rewards program “Treats” which can earn coupons and discounts when you frequently shop.

Petco we find is very similar to Petsmart in the equipment and food department. You can find all of the equipment we recommend here. They also offer grooming and puppy classes for socialization, and although they don’t have a “vet”, they offer a service called “Vital” pharmacy. With Vital you can have your veterinarian call in prescriptions to the store and they can fill them for you for ease. Petco also has a rewards program called “palsrewards” where you can earn coupons and discounts. As an organization that follows the Hierarchy of Procedures for Humane and Effective Practices, we recognize that Petco has involved themselves in a movement they call “Stop the Shock” and leaning towards the positive reinforcement movement, they have removed all shock collars from their shelves.

Pet Supermarket prides themselves in the quality of the food and supplies they carry. As a smaller business, their team can provide top quality recommendations. They also have a self grooming station, so when you are stepping in for food and supplies, if your dog had too good of a time at the park, it’s a perfect opportunity to give them a rinse down. You can also sign up for a great ViP(Very Important Pets) membership and earn some great coupon and discount rewards.

Kriser’s Natural Pet originated in Chicago, however you can now find them in 4 states including Texas. Houston and its surrounding areas have 5 locations. Kriser’s has great quality dog beds that we recommend as well as leashes and collars that will be both great for training AND aesthetically pleasing. Kriser prides itself on selling high quality food with natural ingredients first. We love the quality of the food they offer to customers, and the fact that they have a self-bathing area. With their wellness pass, you can earn money back on your purchases and eventually earn free bags of food for your dog. Win win!

Three Dog Bakery (Rice Village)


2402A Rice Boulevard
Houston, TX 77005

As they say – Eat, Play, Love. We wanted to throw this store in for fun! After you’re done shopping for equipment and food, Three Dog Bakery is one of Houston’s best known and only all-natural dog bakery. You can walk into the store and pick up their pre-made treats and they also sell some gear, leashes AND you can order custom cakes for your pup for any event. We’ve seen their stuff and not only are the cakes beautiful, but safe and delicious.

Woof Gang Bakery was been recently awarded in 2020 by Pet Insight Magazine with it’s “Nation’s Fastest Growing Chain” Award. Woof Gang is a boutique pet store that will provide you a super aesthetically pleasing and intimate shopping experience. You can find gourmet treats and food here, as well as leashes and collars that are great for training.

Katy/Cinco Ranch Area:

Petsmart, Petco, Woof Gang Bakery, Patsy’s Pet Market, Pet Supplies Plus

Sugarland Area:

Petsmart, Petco, Woof Gang Bakery

League City/Pearland Area:

Petsmart, Petco, Amazing Paws Pet Store

Cypress/Woodlands Area:

Petsmart, Petco, PetSupermarket, Kriser’s Natural Pet, Woof Gang Bakery

For the Online Shopper:

If you are social distancing, or simply prefer to stay home and shop online, we highly recommend checking out our puppy supplies list HERE and looking at Amazon. You would be surprised at the amount of training supplies you can find at the click of a button. They even have food delivery now, so check out Amazon Fresh for grocery delivery.

If you are enrolled in a training program or are interested in training, and have questions on equipment for your dog, we would be happy to help! Please contact one of our team members here.