Dog-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

March 31, 2023

Easter Dog Picture

Easter season can be such a joyful time! The weather is beautiful and there are many springtime events to attend. Easter egg hunts are a seasonal staple, however, they can pose many risks to your dog. Easter eggs are traditionally plastic eggs filled with chocolate and other treats. Your dog could easily grab one of the many plastic eggs from the yard without notice amongst the children, and ingest not only the treats inside the eggs but some or all of the plastic too. We think the concept behind an easter egg hunt makes a perfect form of enrichment for your dog! So we have come up with a few Easter egg dupes that your dog will love and you can feel confident giving them.

The “Eggs”

Carrot stuffer dog toy

Petstages Carrot Stuffer

Fill this fillable, durable toy with your dog’s favorite treat, or even a past like peanut butter or wet food to make it super exciting!

Treat Dispensing Balls

Perfect for the ball lover! We love this option because it closely resembles an “egg” in shape. If you’re feeling really committed to the easter egg theme, you could get these long-lasting balls in multiple colors and hide them across the yard with treats tucked inside the edges.

Treat dispensing ball
Peeps squeaky toy

Peeps Squeaky Toy

If your dog finds a squeaky toy super reinforcing, Peeps has come out with these great vinyl toys that your dog will quack over! If you have a “super chewer,” these may be a short-term option only or under supervision only. If you start to see them get holes or tear apart, immediately discard them.

Jolly Egg Large Chase Toy

This jolly egg toy is a whopping 12 inches and is perfect for a dog that loves to chase or roll toys across the yard.

Chase toy
Easter themed squeaky ball toy

Carrot Print Squeaky Balls

These festive squeaky balls would serve as a great “easter egg” and can also be re-used for training or play after your hunt is over!

Easter Hide and Seek Plush Toy

“Hide and Seek” style toys can be great for mental stimulation, and we can’t get over how perfect this one is for the season. If your dog is a chewer or destroys plush toys, you may want to skip this option and go with one of the more durable balls or stuffable toys above!

Easter dog toy
Easter themed snuffle mat

 Carrot Patch Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat is another great treat or mealtime option for mental stimulation. The snuffle mat is basically like an easter egg hunt all in one, plus, we can’t get enough of the carrots! This may be a “skip” for this year if you have a destructive chewer.

Easter Egg Plush Toy Set

We had to add in one option that leaned into a more traditional easter egg! This set of plush easter eggs, full of bright colors is sure to excite your dog on their hunt. We give the same recommendation as above here, that if you have a younger puppy who destroys plush toys, this may be a pass for this year until they have moved through the chewing phase.

Easter Egg Plush toys

The Hunt

Easter Dog bandana

Once you have all of your dog-friendly “eggs” ready to hide, keep your dog inside and scatter them in varying areas of the yard. If your dog has a “super sniffer”, you may be able to make your hiding spots more difficult with the treat-filled toys. If you have a young puppy or a dog that is new to searching as enrichment, we recommend making your hiding spots a little more obvious. If you want the hunt to last longer, we recommend making various toy and treat options available. Pastes such as peanut butter, wet food, and cheese wiz will keep your pup busy for a longer period of time. This enrichment activity can be done with dogs of all ages, and sizes, and in any home environment! 

We would love to see your “Easter Egg” Hunt this year. Be sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram @beyondthedogtexas!