Fall Enrichment Game for Your Dog

November 23, 2022

Dog in fall leaves

The temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are falling. As it gets colder outside, you may find yourself preferring to snuggle on the couch a little more often than going out to places like the beach or dog park. When colder weather hits, your dog will still need that mental stimulation they were getting in the spring and summer. The fallen leaves provide a perfect opportunity at home for that!

Dog in a down in autumn leaves

Things you will need

  • Kiddie pool or a large box or bucket
  • Treats or kibble
Dog playing indoor enrichment game

How to set up the game!

When the leaves begin to fall outside, take a rake and gather a good amount of leaves into a kiddie pool, bucket, or box.  If using a bucket, be sure your dog can easily reach their nose to the bottom of the bucket. For additional safety, we recommend taking out any large twigs, branches, or sharp pinecones that you think your dog could scratch or poke their face or eyes with. Once your container is ready, take at least a handful of kibble or treats and toss them into the leaves. If this game is new for your dog, you may leave them towards the top. If your dog is good at this game, and finds the treats too easily, next time, you can shake them into the leaves. This enrichment activity is mentally stimulating and great to bring out your dog’s natural instincts and burn some energy. This game would be great for sporting dogs such as setters, retrievers, spaniels, pointers, hound dogs such as Beagles and Bloodhounds, and working dogs such as Boxers, Shepherds, and Terriers. Of course, this is just the shortlist, and many shapes, sizes, and breeds of dogs can enjoy this game!

If you are looking for other ways to work with your dog and avoid the weather, you can look at our summer blog, which provides indoor enrichment ideas that can be used all year round. If you play this fall enrichment game with your dog, we’d love to see it! Tag us on Instagram at @beyondthedog.