Private Puppy Training: Is It Worth It?

June 2, 2022

is private puppy training worth it

Getting a puppy is really exciting! They are sweet bundles of energy who love to run, play, and sleep all day. Who can resist those adorable faces, and those big puppy eyes? A few weeks later, it’s common to feel at a loss with puppy manners and concerns such as chewing, play biting, jumping, and having accidents in the house. Or you may simply be looking for a way to stimulate your puppy and get a head start on obedience training. At this point, you have most likely considered training, and there are just so many options out there. Where do you begin? 

puppy obedience training


Private puppy training is a beneficial method of training for both you and your puppy. It is a hands-on approach that is specifically tailored to you and YOUR puppy’s specific needs.

For Your Puppy:

  1. Training in your own home allows your pup to work on obedience and puppy manners in the environment they will be using them. The same can be accomplished in a board and train program where training occurs in and around a trainer’s home. With consistent reinforcement, those skills transfer and generalize back to your home.
  2. Exclusive one-on-one time with a professional trainer and behavior consultant allows the trainer an opportunity to identify and recommend training options. As well as run treatment for any potential problem behaviors early on. 
  3. Training sessions are mentally and physically stimulating. This helps burn off energy that could be exacerbating some of the behaviors you are looking to address.
  4. Socialization! Your puppy meets a new person/people. Your trainer will also teach you ways to safely socialize your puppy outside of the sessions. The longer the program, the more opportunities for great socialization.

For You:

Private training also reaps many benefits for you as the owner. Your trainer works with you every step of the way to ensure training caters to fit your lifestyle. Scheduling is flexible and you don’t have to worry about rushing to a group class on time. Working one-on-one with a trainer allows you to keep an open line of communication where you can easily ask questions and express any concerns about your puppy’s behavior.

Ultimately, investing in private puppy training sets you and your puppy up for long term success. Check out our blog to learn when we recommend getting started!

At Beyond the Dog, our certified trainers and behavior consultant come to YOU and train your puppy in your home. We work closely with your puppy to prepare them for environments you are likely to visit. For example, we train in and around your neighborhood, at local parks, shops, and restaurants based on your requests. Our trainers use methods and positive reinforcement techniques backed by science-based research. If you would like more information on private puppy training we would love to chat with you.