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Puppy Destructively Chewing

How to Reduce Destructive Puppy Chewing

We all love our puppies, however, we are also all too familiar with the shock of walking into the next room and finding your couch cushion has been chewed through, or your

How to reduce play biting using toys

How to Reduce Play Biting

Puppy play biting. It’s one of our most asked-about behaviors when bringing a new puppy home. And for a good reason! It doesn’t feel great and is a behavior we see in

Indoor Enrichment for Puppies

If you’re reading this blog from the South like us here in Houston, it’s HOT. It’s getting harder and harder to keep our pups entertained with outdoor activities with the rising heat.

feeding puppy during obedience training

Review of Feeding Routines

If you checked out our Best Way to Feed Your Puppy blog last month, we went through a few alternatives on how to feed your puppy aside from a food bowl. In

two dogs taking a break from leash walking

How to Teach Leash Walking

If you are someone who wants your puppy to be a large part of your active lifestyle, you want to walk them with your kids at the end of the day, or