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Our customized puppy training programs combine the luxury of in-home, private training with the most current science-based training methods. Each program is designed around your lifestyle and is as unique as your puppy! This one-on-one attention and level of specialization allows us to address your goals in the environment where behaviors occur. Our program allows for the smoothest transition into real-life. In fact, that’s our goal—setting your puppy up for reaching all of your training goals. We want you to have a well-socialized dog who can walk seamlessly around Loose Park. Interested in hitting The Village for a coffee date with your pup? No problem! We will teach obedience behaviors and manners to do just that. Strolling through Town Center Plaza to window shop? We’ve got you covered. Maybe you just want your new puppy to stop jumping on guests as they enter the door. We are happy to teach your puppy manners!
We are here to help your puppy start off on the right foot and remain a well-socialized, well-behaved, member of your family. Beyond the Dog’s puppy training programs are designed to deliver expert service with the luxury of in-home training brought to you by our team with unrivaled experience and expertise. Supervised by our Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Dr. Savage, our Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Sean Savage, and our Ph.D. candidate, Ally Salzer, our trainers rely on 20+ years of experience. We incorporate current research in puppy behavior in our programs and rely on the science of behavior to ensure a desire for training and learning in your puppy.

Our Puppy Training Philosophy

Houston Puppy Training Program

All-Inclusive Training Program

Do you want your puppy to be an active and involved member of your family? Do you plan to take them to local restaurants around the Country Club Plaza? Would you like to have a stress-free family outing to Loose Park or a hike on one of the many Kansas City trails? Our All-Inclusive Training program may be the perfect fit! This private and in-home training program is our most popular program for those looking to develop a well-socialized puppy who is compliant with high-level obedience behaviors. The program consists of five weeks of intense training including three days of one-one-one training with your puppy and one lesson with you! This structure has been proven to be effective while allowing you to develop the training skill independent of intense dog training. After the five weeks of intense training, there are (2) follow up sessions to ensure you and your puppy remain on track. For All-Inclusive training programs requiring the oversight of our behavior team, pricing starts at $3440. For obedience-only All-Inclusive training programs, pricing starts at $3190. Please note that our indirect behavior assessments will confirm that an obedience-only program matches your puppy best.

Executive Training Program

Are you interested in improving your puppy’s leash walking around your Brookeside neighborhood? Are they jumping on each person that they see at English Landing in Parkville? Our Executive program might be the perfect fit! Our customized, in-home training program is an excellent choice for those looking to teach three or four obedience behaviors or manners (e.g. jumping, puppy biting). Our puppy training team will help design a program catered to and as unique as your puppy and your lifestyle. This three-day-per-week program consists of direct puppy training two days and a lesson with you on the third day each week. The program can be scheduled for three or four weeks, depending on your overall goals. The structure of the program is effective in teaching your puppy new skills while you aquire what is needed for training during your lesson. For Executive training programs requiring the oversight of our behavior team, pricing starts at $1650 for three weeks and $2050 for four weeks. For obedience-only Executive training programs, pricing starts at $1350 for three weeks and $1800 for four weeks. Please note that our indirect behavior assessments will confirm that an obedience-only program matches your puppy best.
Puppy Training Program in Houston
Board and Train Puppy Program in Houston

Board and Train Program

Feeling overwhelmed by your new puppy? Are they creating chaos in your life? Maybe you’re traveling and want to take advantage of training while you’re away? Our Board and Train program is an excellent choice! During this completely unique program, your puppy lives in the home of a trainer. They become a part of their family, socialize with other pets, are taught high-level obedience behaviors, and learn puppy manners. Housebreaking and playbiting are common goals for our clients. For a minimum of three weeks and throughout their stay, your puppy will be given the utmost care and receive top-notch training. Upon completion of the intense training, you will receive 4.5 hours of in-home training teaching you! This program is an excellent investment in your puppy’s future as you both reap the benefits for years to come! Pricing starts at $4240.

1-Hour Consultations

Excited to begin training your puppy but needing some guidance? Are they having accidents in your home? Having issues with puppy biting? Beyond the Dog can help! Our 1-Hour Consultations are designed for a trainer to discuss concerns with you and set up a training plan for your pup. Typical concerns include potty training, puppy biting, chewing, and socialization goals. Our 1-Hour Consultations are an excellent choice for those that have an 8-10 week-old puppy and want to start training on the right foot. Many of our clients later enroll in one of our more intense obedience training programs. Each session is $160 and three sessions are recommended for common puppy concerns.
One-Hour Consultations Puppy Training in Houston

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