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Read what our Beyond the Dog trainers have to say about common puppy training questions.

Our trainers not only provide customized puppy training programs, but they also provide answers to many of the most common puppy training questions. Explore our puppy training blog below!

puppy growling - tug of war

Puppy Growling

Growling and vocalizing are one of the many ways puppies communicate. It can be challenging for owners to decode their puppy’s growl. Although knowing what a puppy is trying to say is

Puppy play-biting a person's hand

Puppy Play-Biting: Normal Versus Abnormal

What is Puppy Play-Biting? Puppy play-biting is a developmentally appropriate and normal puppy behavior. I define puppy biting as a puppy’s teeth coming into contact with a person’s skin, the clothing they

Shih Tzu puppy face

Top Puppy Training Tips from Our Expert

Having trained puppies for nearly 20 years both in my home and in clients’ homes, I am often asked what my top training tips are for puppies. When thinking about how my