Meet our Austin Dog Behavior Experts

Our Mission

At Beyond the Dog, we aim to create a lifelong love of training in every dog by applying the latest research in dog behavior to all of our programs.

We utilize our in-house Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, doctoral-level research, military experience, psychology, veterinary, and zoological training to craft every dog’s training program. This is the Beyond the Dog difference.

Our Story

Discover how Beyond the Dog came to life in Austin, Texas.

Sean and Kristyn Savage - Beyond the Dog Training

Sean and I are incredibly proud of our expansion to Austin. After spending 15 years in business, with two offices under our belts, it was time to establish a third major location. In order to do so, we needed to partner with someone and Alexis Mitchell was our first choice and one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made. Alexis was hired several years prior after working extensively in applied animal behavior. She grew up in a house with 7 dogs, earned her Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology, completed a wildlife training internship in Australia, competed in the American Kennel club, volunteered with the 4-H dog project, trained Lipizzaner stallions and toured the entire Northeast with them, worked in the Southeastern Guide Dogs puppy raising program and helped develop training protocols all before turning 23! Sean and I mentored her and she served as dog trainer at our Kansas City office. Later, Alexis was recruited to help establish our Houston office. She moved to Houston with us and continued learning under our guidance. Soon she was promoted and worked as a training supervisor, later managing our entire Houston location. When we wanted to expand to Austin, Alexis was once again excited and ready to help our brand grow. We saw in her the same love and passion for the work we do. Not only that, but she was extremely skilled in that work. Now, with a team of trainers and our partnership, we are so excited for what the future holds here in Austin and cannot wait to share the Beyond the Dog training difference with you.

Kristyn Savage, PhD, CAAB, BCBA

Who We Are

Introducing the Austin Dog Training Team.

Driven by a love of science and animals, our Austin Dog Training Team have dedicated their careers to improving the lives of animals. Prior to joining the Beyond the Dog team in Austin, our trainers served as Marine Mammal Trainers, Military Dog Handlers, Research Assistants and Behavioral Scientists.
After joining the team, our staff receive unparalleled training in dog behavior and training under Dr. Echterling-Savage and Sean Savage. Under their guidance, our trainers strive to provide the best training experience to the dogs (and their humans) of Austin.
Alexis Mitchell - Houston Dog Trainer

Alexis Mitchell


COO, Operating Owner and Supervisor

Kristyn Echterling-Savage - Dog Trainer

Kristyn Savage


CEO, Founder, Owner

Sean Savage

Sean Savage


CFO, Founder, Owner

Cecelia Ziman-Destefano - Austin Dog Trainer

Cecelia Ziman-DeStefano


Training Mentor

Allison Conrad

Allison Conrad


Scheduling Manager

Madeleine Kattan

Madeleine Kattan


Social Media Manager and Content Writer