Dog Trainer FAQ

Looking to learn more about Beyond the Dog? Read our most frequently asked questions below!

What is our dog training philosophy?

At Beyond the Dog Austin, we use behavioral science to train dogs. The same principles that humans use to learn a new behavior are the same as dogs! This has been proven in studies on learning and motivation and can be seen in our day-to-day lives. Using positive reinforcement can quickly shape your dog’s behaviors into the ones you want. We also have the experience of every other trainer and mentor in the company to collaborate to make sure that you and your dog are getting the most out of training. Since our dog training techniques are backed by science, we can quickly reach your goals and make training as rewarding as possible no matter where you are in Austin!

What experience does each dog trainer have?

Each of our trainers at Beyond the Dog are certified dog trainers and behavior consultants through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CBCC-KA, CDBC, or CPDT-KA). You not only get the experience of your trainer, but also oversight by their mentor, the performance management team, and the owners, which includes Kristyn Echterling-Savage, Ph.D., CAAB, BCBA-D, one of the only 50 Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists in the country.

What dog training programs do we offer?

We offer a variety of private in-home dog training programs based on your needs and goals. Private in-home sessions are one-time sessions that can be used to assess which longer program would be right for you, as a puppy consultation to give you the starting point to start training, and used for cat behavior and cat training cases. Our All Inclusive program is a five-week program where the trainer comes to you for hour-long sessions four days a week and two follow-ups (22 sessions total). This program can cover reactivity, obedience, leash walking, puppy manners, or other specific goals. At the end of each week, an owner transfer lesson is used to teach the owners everything their dog has learned and how to effectively use the training in their daily lives. Our Executive program lets the owner choose three to four specific things that the trainer will work on with your pup over three to four weeks, during three, one-hour sessions a week (9-12 sessions total). Finally, in our Board and Train program, your dog lives with a trainer for three to four weeks to accomplish their dog training goals. This can be a great option for puppies that can’t concentrate for a whole hour of training, housebreaking, dogs that need more than three to five training sessions a week, and traveling owners. More information about the different programs can be found on our website or by contacting us!

What issues can be addressed?

We have solutions for a wide variety of dog behaviors. Whether you need help with disruptive behavior like jumping or digging, reactivity and aggression, recall and off leash obedience, leash training, puppy manners puppy obedience, or general dog obedience, we can help!

Is there a guarantee?

While there is no guarantee, once you complete a Beyond the dog program, we are your trainers for life. You can reach out in the future with questions or send videos to check your methods or show specific behaviors. Dog training does not just stop when the trainer leaves your home, and we have seen that the greatest and fastest progress is made when owners use training in their daily lives.

When will I start to see progress?

Every dog is different but owners usually see progress in the second week! A huge part of dog training is consistency, so if the owners keep up with training outside of sessions, progress tends to happen very quickly.

How do I prepare for a dog training session?

Once you have received a training schedule, you will receive an email with essentials for dog training like the type of harness and leashes we use, along with instructions for feeding about a week before training begins. This ensures that your dog will be ready for training on the first day!

I want to train my puppy, where do I begin?

We offer in-home consultations for puppy training, weekly in-home programs for puppies 14 weeks and older, and board and train programs. Until your puppy is mature enough (it’s hard to concentrate for a whole hour when they are younger than 14 weeks!) you can read up on tips and tricks for puppy training on our blog. We cover things like using their meals for training, tips for obedience and walking, picking out the essentials for your pup, and even preventative exercises to get them ready for the groomer!