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Read what our Austin trainers have to say about common puppy training questions.

Our trainers not only provide customized puppy training programs throughout Austin, but we also provide answers to many of the most common puppy training questions. Explore our local puppy training blog below!

Puppy in a down

Teaching Your Puppy the Down Command

Do you want an easy command to teach your puppy that is also useful in everyday life? The “down” command is a fan favorite! Once learned and managed correctly, puppies can hold

How to teach an auto-sit

Teaching Your Puppy the Auto-sit

There is nothing like seeing a puppy out on a walk and getting to say hi. Even better? If they sit nicely for you without even asking! Puppies are so full of

Crate Training a dog to help with separation anxiety

Preventing Separation Anxiety

Crate training is a great way to give your puppy their own safe place and also give you peace of mind when you leave them alone. You may have tried crate training

Cute puppy face

Preparing Your Puppy For Vet Visits

Hitting those milestones at the vet can be an exciting time for new owners, but exams and grooming can be pretty stressful for a little puppy and owners too. New environments, barking,

Cavalier puppy laying down inside

Indoor Enrichment Ideas for Puppies

 Young puppies seem to have boundless energy! Sometimes this energy and curiosity can feel overwhelming, but there are some fun and easy ways to expel that energy while also enriching your puppy.

Two puppies in a down command

Socialization Goals for Your Puppy

The world can be an overwhelming place for a small puppy; loud noises, people towering over them, new dogs approaching them, and weirdly shaped objects all over the place! Most puppies come