Dallas’s Dog-Friendly Guide


Looking for new places to practice your dog’s obedience skills?

Find your next favorite restaurant, park, or trail in Dallas to bring your pup below!

Dog chewing on a bone

10 Toys to Keep Your Dog Busy

We all know the signs of a bored dog – zoomies through the house, snatching old socks, chewing on couch pillows. On those rainy days when you just can’t get your dog

Dog with Will You Be My Date sign

The Perfect Doggy Date on Valentine’s Day

There is no truer love than the unwavering, unbreakable, and unparalleled love from your dog. Always happy to see you, ready to offer kisses, and happy to cuddle. You and your dog

dog waiting for homemade liver treat

Holiday-Inspired Dog Treat Recipe

Treat your dog to these homemade liver biscuits this holiday season! Not only will your dog enjoy it, but it also provides health benefits. Liver is nutrient-dense and dogs love it (even

Dogs running at a park

Our Favorite Dallas Dog Parks

There are a variety of dog-friendly spaces throughout the Dallas area, but few things beat seeing your fur-baby romp with new friends in wide-open spaces. If your dog is friendly, vaccinated, and