Best Dog Parks with Water Features in Houston

July 3, 2023

Johnny Steele Dog Park Houston

Now that summer is here, we know you and your pup may be looking for activities in the sun that will get you some Vitamin D and also keep your dog cool. We have talked about our favorite dog parks before. Today we are adding a little H2O to the list!

Johnny Steele Dog Park Houston

Johnny Steele – Allen Parkway

Johnny Steele is now separated into two sides of the dog park for small and large dogs.

The lower area is the designated “big dog” side and has a large pool in which dogs can fully immerse, swim and splash. There is a hose-off station and water fountain towards the entrance for when you are all done. We definitely recommend bringing a towel for the car! There is a covered concrete bench area that provides some shade, however, trees otherwise are minimal so there is a lot of direct sun. Keep in mind, there are no human bathrooms here.

Danny Jackson Family Bark Park – West University

Beyond the Dog graduate, Archer here is hanging out in front of one of two pools you can find at Danny Jackson. The park is split into two sides, large and small breeds, however unlike Jonny Steele, BOTH sides have a pool area! They are deep enough for your dog to actually immerse themselves in. We see lots of dogs using the pool as an opportunity to play fetch with a tennis ball in and out of the water. Similar to Johnny Steele, there are concrete-covered areas to sit in the shade, however, you’ll also find additional shade from the trees. There are no human bathrooms at this park.

Danny Jackson Family Dog Park Houston
Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park Houston

Congressman Bill Archer – Highway 6 North

Bill Archer Dog Park is one of the largest dog parks in Houston. It is split into small and large, both sides hosting a well-kept pond, as well as a walking trail on the park edges and agility equipment. There is plenty of shade provided by the abundance of trees, and for the humans, their bathroom facilities are pretty great!

Millie Bush – Memorial/Mission Bend

Millie Bush Dog Park is a large 8.68 Acre dog park divided into two sections for both large and small dogs. Both sides have ponds for the dogs to enjoy, big trees for shade, and there is a hose-off station outside of the park to wash your pup off afterward.

Millie Bush Dog Park Houston
Pawm Springs Dog Park Houston

Pawm Springs – Sugarland

Pawm Springs dog park is located just south of 59. It is connected to a larger park that has trails to walk around the lake, and towards the South end of the park you will find the dog park. It is divided into large and small sides, you will only find the water feature on the large dog side though. Aesthetically the water is typically very clean and the palm trees make it feel like a luxury dog swim experience. There is moderate shade provided from cover hand covers and a few palm trees. You can find a bathroom for humans located on the opposite side of the parking lot.

Alexander Deussen – Lake Houston

This large park has many human features such as shaded picnic areas, trails along Lake Houston, and great views. For the dogs, the dog park is large and has a shallow dog pond which we know your pup will love to cool off in. Agility courses are also available for additional exercise. There are hoses available to spray them down in case they get a little muddy during all the fun. 

Alexander Deussen Dog Park Houston
Horespen Creek and Dog Park Houston

Upper Horespen Creek & Dog Park – Cypress

This park is last on our list but certainly not least! It has its very own “Dog park beach” connected to the lake. A must-go! There is of course a fresh water station and shower area to clean them off after they are done swimming. Shade is limited as any trees available are new growth, however, the beach does have its own human bathroom facilities available for use.

We use these parks quite frequently in the summer while working with our clients’ dogs to help keep them cool. Follow these heat safety tips, and if you are looking for any additional tips or recommendations when it comes to the dog park, contact your local behavior consultant. If you’re in Houston or the surrounding areas, connect with us today!