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Our company name implies that we go above and beyond in our quality of work and species we work with. That means we can provide top-notch training and behavior modification for your cat or kitten! Beyond the Dog offers personalized, stress-free training methods to address a variety of behaviors. Having trouble with litter box training? We can come to you and provide you with management strategies to set your cat up for success. Recently rescue a cat or move in with a friend and having trouble with socialization? We are more than happy to implement behavior modification treatment to promote positive interactions and treat any reactivity or aggression in the moment. Beyond the Dog offers two programs in and around the St Louis area that covers a wide range of cat-related behaviors, including inappropriate elimination, scratching, vocalization, minor behavioral issues, and more! Our Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage has designed programs to meet each and every one of your training needs!

Our Cat Training Philosophy

Cat Training in Houston, TX

Executive Training Program

Does your cat want to be outside but you aren’t sure how to leash train them? Do you need help acclimating your cat to another cat or dog in the home? Then our Executive Program would be a great fit for you! We provide on-location training for one hour, three days a week for three to four weeks. This program is perfect for getting a jump start on obedience training or addressing minor behavioral concerns. Your trainer will meet with you to discuss the scope and goals of your program and develop your training plan. After developing your cat’s training plan, your trainer will work with your cat one-on-one for two sessions each week. The third session will be your training day where we focus on developing your cat training skills! Pricing for this program is $1,305 for our 3 week package or $1,740 for our 4 week package. Ready to get started?

1-Hour Consultations

Feeling overwhelmed by being a first-time kitten owner? That’s what Beyond the Dog is here for! Our trainers come to your home so there’s no travel hassle or stress of meeting at a public facility. Our behavior consultants listen to you and design a personalized kitten training plan just for you and your needs! This may include goals for socialization, assisted litter box training, indoor and outdoor enrichment options, relief from inappropriate scratching, and more! Consultations are also done in-home by our certified pet trainers to address concerns with mild cat aggression or provide management strategies for excessive licking or avoiding guests. The cost is $150 per training session. Want to get started today and plan for future training at the same time? Look into the other programs we offer below! Want to get started today?
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