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Beyond the Dog offers personalized training methods delivered right to your home. Beyond the Dog offers two cat training programs in the St. Louis area that cover a wide range of cat-related behaviors, including inappropriate elimination, scratching, vocalization, minor behavioral issues, and more! Our Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage has designed programs to meet every one of your training needs!

Our Cat Training Philosophy

Cat Training in Houston, TX

Executive Training Program

Does your cat want to be outside but you aren’t sure how to leash train them? Do you need help acclimating your cat to another cat or dog in the home? Our Executive Training program would be a great fit for you! We provide in-home training for one hour, three days a week for three to four weeks. This program is perfect for getting a jump start on obedience training or addressing behavioral concerns. Your trainer will meet with you to discuss the goals of your program and develop your training plan. After developing your cat’s training plan, your trainer will work with your cat one-on-one for two sessions each week. The third session will be your training day where we focus on developing your cat training skills! Pricing for this program is $1,305 for our 3-week package or $1,740 for our 4-week package. Ready to get started?

1-Hour Consultations

Feeling overwhelmed with your cat’s house-soiling behaviors? Or have questions as a new kitten owner? Beyond the Dog is here for you! Our trainers come to your home so there’s no additional stress on you or your cat! Our behavior consultants listen to you and design a personalized cat training plan just for you and your cat’s needs! This may include socialization, litter box training, enrichment options, solutions for inappropriate scratching, and more! Pricing starts at $150. Ready to get started?
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