Doggy Sundae Bar

October 25, 2022

Dog eating ice cream

Looking for a sweet way to spend a fall afternoon? Why not put together a doggy sundae bar! You can customize it with different toppings, like at your favorite fro-yo place, and find your pup’s favorite combinations. This easy recipe can be used right away or you can freeze the yogurt and mix-ins for an extra cool treat. So invite your human and furry friends over or just hang out with your pup and enjoy a doggy sundae!

Dog licking ice cream sundae


  • Plain greek yogurt 
  • Pb2 Powder (you can use peanut butter in a pinch but we like the low oil and fat content of the powder!)


  • Crushed milk bones or other treats
  • Freeze-dried raspberries
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Cut up bananas 
  • Crushed up pretzels 
  • Cinnamon apple sauce swirl 


“Soft serve”

Mix the plain greek yogurt with the Pb2 powder (about 1tbs for every cup of yogurt). Put it into a bowl and mix in whatever toppings you’d like! 


You can mix the toppings and freeze them in a kong or bowl or freeze the yogurt and add the toppings right before serving. We have even used ice cube trays or bone-shaped molds to freeze this so that you can easily pop out a frozen treat.

Get creative and start your sundae party!