Howl-O-Ween Costume Ideas

October 3, 2022

Dog Halloween Costume

As the weather cools, marginally, we cannot wait to start celebrating fall! Pumpkin patches with your pup, corn mazes, and dressing up for Halloween are just a few of our favorite fall activities. Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect costume, so we found some cute costume ideas for you and your pup to try out this October. From full-body costumes to costume accessories for dogs that don’t love wearing things, we’ve got you covered. All of these can be ordered from Chewy, but you can also check out amazon and PetSmart or Petco for ideas. Many of these can be found for either your pet or yourself which means that if you have multiple pets they could match! We hope these spark some other creative ideas! Make sure to take pictures and tag us on Facebook and Instagram @beyondthedogaustin so that we can see you all dressed up and ready to trick or treat!

Dracula and a bat

A vampire and a bat are classic Halloween pairs! The best thing about this costume is that there are options for the dog/cat version for both and each is a simple costume that more sensitive animals might appreciate. 

Bat and Vampire Costume
Source: Chewy

Lobster and a chef

This is another costume pair where each part can be worn by your pup! We can’t tell which is funnier, a dog lobster or a dog chef that’s going to cook the human lobster. We even found a lobster baby costume on amazon!

Chef and Lobster Costume
Source: Chewy

Shark and Surfer/Lifeguard

This cute shark costume’s human counterpart has some leeway. We love the simplicity of a shark and lifeguard, but you can even do a post-shark attack for a gory costume. You can also get an adult shark costume and go on the hunt together, or really lean into the baby shark song and get the whole family involved.  We recommend only using the dog body section if your pup doesn’t like things around his head- don’t worry he will still look terrifying!

Dog Shark and Lifeguard Costume
Source: Chewy

Painter and Painting 

Another creative costume pairing is a painter and painting! With the painter costume from Chewy for your pup, you can have some creativity with your costume as a painting. You can use body/face paint to recreate a well-known painting, carry an empty frame, or even just hold a painting as if your furry little artist just created a masterpiece. 

Terrier painter costume
Source: Chewy

Doggy Witch and Black Cat 

This is a great simple costume for a large pup! If your dog doesn’t like wearing things around their chest or neck, it only has one component and is not bulky. A witch goes with so many things too that you have some options with matching! A black cat? A frog? A pumpkin? We love how versatile this costume pairing can be.

Dog Witch Hat
Source: Chewy

Bumble bee and a Butterfly

We love this idea for a dog and child costume pair! Of course, as an adult, you can absolutely dress up as a butterfly or even a flower to go with either your little bumblebee or butterfly.

Pet Bee and Butterfly Costume
Source: Chewy

Avocado, toast and a millennial (three costumes!)

If you are looking for a costume pairing that’s a little out of the box, we love the avocado, toast, and millennial idea. This quirky set has some hilarious animal costumes and also gives you the chance to pull out your skinny jeans and rock that side part again. 

Pet Avocado Toast Costume
Source: Chewy

Whether you want to keep it simple this Halloween or go all out, we know your pup is in for a sweet treat. Keep an eye out for our blog posts about pet costume events and other pet-friendly fall events. Happy howl-o-ween!