Can I send my Puppy Away to be Trained?

February 1, 2022

Can I send my puppy away to be trained?

Training your new puppy is a crucial part of being a responsible dog parent, but is it ok to send your puppy away for that training to happen? The answer is, it depends! There are a few key factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding on a Board and Train program for your puppy. 

The first is the concept of generalization.

This refers to a behavior occurring across different times, environments and people. Generalization is important to understand when undertaking any form of dog training. If you have heard your friends say “my dog only listens when their trainer is around” it is likely that failure to generalize across people is partially to blame!. Generalization across locations can also be a stumbling block when it comes to successful training. If the behaviors or commands you are looking to address occur in the home but you are sending your puppy to a kennel environment for training, those behaviors may not generalize to the “home” environment. You can avoid this issue by choosing a board and train program that happens in a trainer’s home or opt for in-home training instead. 

The second factor to consider is your trainer’s certifications.

Unfortunately, dog training is an unregulated profession and anyone can use titles such a “dog trainer” or “dog behaviorist”. Ensure the trainer you are sending your puppy to is registered with the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) , the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) or is under the direct supervision of certified mentor. This is recommended for any dog training you receive but is especially important if you are sending your puppy away to a trainer. 

The third factor is length of the training.

Most training programs should run for 3-4 weeks if this is your puppy’s first time being trained by that organization. This may feel like an eternity to be away from your new addition! However, it is the required amount of time to appropriately develop your puppy’s new commands and habits. 

Now that you have selected an appropriate Board and Train program for your goals with a certified trainer, can your puppy be successful?

Yes! Your puppy will benefit from unmatched attention from a trainer while developing their new skills and enjoy exploring Austin along the way. When your puppy returns home, be prepared to learn their commands and the appropriate way to ask them to help mitigate generalization issues and have fun practicing!