Water Safety Tips for Dogs

June 2, 2023

dog water safety

Summertime means soaking up some sun by the pool or on adventures! And we all know that an adventure isn’t always complete unless your dog can come too. There are so many things to do and places to explore together. Before you head out and cool off in local rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, or in the pool with your dog, make sure you keep these safety tips in mind! 

Water safety


When near a body of water, always know where your puppy or dog is at all times. Whether you are out exploring a new swimming spot, or just relaxing around the pool at home, make sure you can always keep an eye on your dog(s). You should never allow your dog to swim unsupervised. Be extra vigilant when watching your puppy (or kitten) around a pool. Their quick, quirky movements or moments of high excitement could accidentally cause them to fall right over the edge of the pool. Stay nearby so you can scoop them out immediately if this happens. 

Pool Safety

If your dog knows how to swim and has access to your personal pool, make sure they can get out quickly and safely. Non-slip stairs, ramps, or ladders specifically designed for dogs can save their lives. If your dog does not know how to swim or cannot get out of the pool without assistance, make sure they are confined or you have a tall fence around your pool so that they cannot access the pool at all. 


After a swim, it’s a good idea to rinse off your dog. This will ensure that no salt, pool chemicals, or bacteria from a public swimming hole will dry on their fur. If it does and your dog licks themselves later, it could cause them to become sick. Health and safety are our number one priority! 

Life Jacket

Dog wearing a life jacket

Beyond the Dog always recommends a life jacket when swimming with your dog! Selecting a jacket that is the right fit, has buoyancy, has handles, and is a vibrant color are all crucial to water safety. A good life jacket should keep your dog afloat, allow you to easily grab them if needed, and help you see them even at a distance. 


Swimming can be a lot of work for your dog! Make sure that you provide them with shade, frequent breaks, and time to nap. 


Always have safe, clean drinking water with you, especially when it’s hot and your dog is engaging in a lot of physical activities. Your dog might be tempted to just drink the water they are swimming in, but try to prevent this as much as possible. Water from rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, or pools can contain chemicals, parasites, bacteria, etc. that could make your dog sick. Check out our blog “Heat Safety Tips for Dogs” to learn more about keeping your dog safe and hydrated this summer.

rinse your dog after periods in water