Dog Trainer FAQ

Is this your first time hiring a professional dog trainer? Find out the answers to our most commonly asked questions below!

Is it worth getting a trainer for a dog?

Yes, especially if you have a busy lifestyle! Our trainers work in-home, so your puppy can be trained in your home, and our trainers do the leg work for you. The training is private and tailored to your puppy and their needs. You can find more details about “Is Private Puppy Training Worth it?” on our blog!

Can I train my dog myself?

You can! You might find it easier with guidance from a reputable source or varying degrees of hands-on help from a trainer. If you’re interested in a trainer helping you introduce obedience or address behavioral concerns, check out our program options here!

Is sending your dog away for training a good idea?

It can depend on your situation! If you live out of a training company’s service area, will be traveling, or want the highest level of obedience for your puppy or dog, then a Board and Train option might be the best fit for you! Check out our blog “Can I Send my Puppy Away for Training?” for more information.

Do I need a dog trainer or a behavior consultant?

Why not both? Beyond the Dog’s trainers have a unique ability to serve as dog trainers and behavior consultants all in one! Our training company was founded by Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage, a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, and Sean Savage, a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. With their invaluable knowledge and training, you’re sure to work with a passionate trainer about your dog being happy and successful.