How to Stuff a Kong Like a Dog Trainer

March 23, 2023

Dog eating out of a Kong

Kongs are one of our top-recommended supplies for puppies and dogs alike due to their durability and versatility. We love that they can be used as chew toys, fetch toys, treat dispensers, and especially as tools for crate training and the prevention and treatment of separation anxiety. 

When it comes to kong-stuffing, however, many of us hit the “easy” button, opting for the classic peanut butter-filled favorite our dogs love, day in and day out. But even our favorite treat gets lackluster after a while. And as your dog becomes adept at eating their usual Kong filling, they can really start to finish it quickly – thus defeating the purpose of keeping them occupied! 

Here, we outline our secrets to upping your Kong-stuffing game and keeping your pup stimulated and satisfied! 

Change up the ingredients

We recommend incorporating a range of foods into your dog’s Kong to keep them excited to eat it every day. There are plenty of dog-safe ingredients, treats, and produce that work well in Kongs. You can even feed their entire kibble or wet dog food meal in a Kong!

Of course, always check with your veterinarian before giving your dog any type of food, treat, or produce. Many foods are not safe for dogs in any quantities, and even foods generally deemed safe may not be suitable for all dogs. As such, use caution and consult with your vet regarding the following recommendations to prevent digestive, allergic, or other reactions in your pet. 

Layer it up

  1. Place a fragrant, high-value item inside first. This could be anything from freeze-dried treats (e.g. lamb lung, chicken liver), soft dog treats, cheese, or the creme de la creme –  fresh meats like boiled chicken, ground beef, or hot dog pieces. This will keep your dog motivated to work through the layers all the way to the bottom!
  2. Add small pieces. This could be something like blueberries, carrots, apples, kibble, crunchy treats, or even dog jerky treats.
  3. Wet it down. This step is often missed, but makes all the difference! By wetting the ingredients, you’ll make them last much longer after freezing. We use tap water, but you can also experiment with a dog-friendly, low-sodium bone broth for extra flavor.

4. Blend a freezable topper to seal it all in. We recommend mixing and matching one or two creamy ingredients such as greek yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, xylitol-free peanut butter, or mashed banana with a water-soluble one like canned dog food, unsweetened applesauce, canned pumpkin, or pureed sweet potato. This will yield an optimal texture once frozen that will take your dog longer to eat.

Freeze, freeze, freeze!

The longer you freeze the stuffed Kong, the harder it will be for your pup to devour. Depending on your dog’s age, dental health, and general enthusiasm about their Kong, you will want to play with and adjust the freeze time to find the optimal recipe for your dog’s needs. A too-frozen Kong could frustrate your dog and cause them to quit before they even get to the good stuff! Not frozen enough, and your efforts to keep your dog satisfied in the long run will be in vain.


Mixing up your Kong-stuffing methods and ingredients is sure to please your dog and keep them burning more mental energy while enjoying their tasty treat! If you have questions about how to use Kongs as puppy training tools or are concerned your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety, reach out to us today!