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Bulldog with tongue out

Why Does My Dog Bark?

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. To determine why a dog is barking, I consider what happens prior to the bark, the body language of the dog, the pitch of the

Mia outside with her cat harness

A Guide to Training Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

It’s a common belief that cats are born to be homebodies. Many consider their cats strictly indoor pets; most cats spend so much time sleeping, lounging, and cuddling with their owners but

Person communicating with a dog

How Do I Communicate With My Dog

Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking? Dogs primarily communicate nonverbally. Instead, they rely on their body language. Communicating using body language seems to be something innate in dogs or,

friendly or neutral dog behavior

Identifying Body Language in Dogs

One might think that since dogs cannot speak, it is more challenging to communicate with them. Indeed, this might be the case if words were always valid. Dogs lacking words make communicating

Australian Shepherd Dog

How Can I Help My Reactive Dog?

Reactivity, whether that be on leash, in the backyard, or even when guests come over can be uncomfortable at best and potentially dangerous at worst. Training for dogs that behave in reactive

Does Positive Reinforcement Work with Dogs?

Does Behavior Modification Work with Dogs?

Before diving too deep, if you have question about what exactly, is behavior modification, check out our first blog here.  Behavior modification has been used to study organisms from pigeons and rats

Behavior Modification in Dogs

What is Behavior Modification with Dogs?

What is behavior modification?  Behavior modification is the process by which behavior is changed over time using the environment. Specifically, features of the environment can change behavior by following a behavior with