Dog Dates: Rummy’s Beach Club

June 22, 2023

Dogs in the pool

Did you know that Houston has a private swimming pool, just for dogs? Located in Spring, Texas, Rummy’s Beach Club is a private swimming pool and one-acre dog park.

When they say private, they mean private! The pool is by appointment only, which means your dog will be the only dog there. This creates a perfect environment for dogs who may engage in fearful or reactive behaviors towards unfamiliar people or dogs, who are unaltered, handicapped, and more!

Fun Fact: In the winter months of December-March, Rummy’s even offers their winter pool dome. The dome is airtight and the pool is heated and allows the warm air to stay inside.

Rummy’s Beach Club details

For private pool time, you can schedule appointments online or call for more information. During your session, you can bring up to 3 dogs and 3 people as long as they are 16 years or older. Your session will also be overseen by 1-2 staff members to ensure your and your dog’s safety as you enjoy the water. Rummy’s also offers puppy swim classes and dock diving lessons.

Whether you are looking for a one-time swim day with your dog, to get your dog more comfortable with water, or to celebrate a milestone such as your pup’s birthday, this private pool experience makes a great option for some water time in the sun. Anytime you are planning to head to the pool, we recommend a refresh on dog water safety before you head out. Happy swimming!