Highly Reviewed Groomers in Kansas City

November 1, 2022

Dogs being groomed

Grooming your dog might not always be the first thing on your mind, but it is an essential aspect of your dog’s life. Depending on their breed, dogs lose their hair consistently all year or molt heavily 2-3 times a year. Despite their popularity, even “hypoallergenic” breeds like Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles are still considered low-shedding. They can require the same amount, if not more grooming than Standard Golden Retrievers to prevent matting.

In the summer, an appropriate haircut is important to ensure your dog stays cool but protects them from sunburn. Snow can stick to your dog’s paw and fur and melt, potentially causing matting and skin irritation. When you live in the Midwest, grooming becomes a critical part of your dog’s life, and we are here to point you in the right direction!

Here’s a list of highly reviewed groomers in the Kansas City area that come highly recommended. 

Brookside Barkery

Locations in Brookside and Lee’s Summit

At Brookside Barkery, their mission is “Better Health Through Better Nutrition.” On top of offering holistic health information and top-quality food, you can schedule full-service bathing and grooming for your dog or do it yourself! Waist-deep tubs, drying stations, and chemical-free products mean less shampoo for you to purchase and no drains to unclog. A reward system is in place to earn points for each bath you bring your pup in for to eventually earn a free service!

Pet Rinse Repeat Mobile Grooming

2030 Swift St., North Kansas City, MO.

As behavior consultants, we often work with dogs who are touch-sensitive, meaning they display fearful or aggressive behavior when attempts are made to trim their nails or hair. We offer in-home programs to address this behavior and recommend services like self-wash or mobile grooming to accommodate dogs after they graduate from this program.

Pet Rinse Repeat Mobile Grooming is a great option for instances like this or as a convenience to bring grooming to you! Amy Ramatowski, Founder and Professional Groomer, is passionate about her service offering professional and personalized bathing and grooming to their clients. They offer salon services in their Northland location or will drive directly to your home with their full-service van.  

Pettersson Pet (Go Pet Go) 

Locations in Kansas City, Liberty, Parkville, and Mission

At Pettersson Pet, they have self-serve washing stations for your pet! You can bring your dog in, walk them into a secured, deep bath, and wash them with shampoo and conditioner provided by Pettersson. They make washing your pet easy and quick by being able to seamlessly switch from water to shampoo with a click of a button. When you are finished, you can walk your dog into a separate room to dry them and apply the perfume of your choice. Each washing and drying station is separated by low walls in case your dog is nervous going out in public or around other dogs. They offer punch cards to earn a free bath after a handful of visits! 

Simply Wonderful KC

2939 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO, 64108

Simply Wonderful KC offers both pet grooming and in-home pet care in Kansas City. They strive to offer professional, gentle, and personalized services to their clients. In their full-service salon, washing and grooming are customized for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Clients have the opportunity to shop online or in-store for unique treats, toys, clothes, and more. What sets them apart from other grooming services in Kansas City is that Simply Wonderful also provides their customers with visiting, transporting, and boarding services upon request.

Dog wrapped in a towel
Source: Treats Unleashed

Treats Unleashed

Locations in the Northland, Shoal Creek, and Leawood

Treats Unleashed, “the Natural Place for Pets,” is currently the only fear-free certified groomer in Kansas City. They offer various services, including a pet bakery, pet food consultations, local food and treats, self-serve washes, and stress-free grooming. At Treats, your pet’s experience is personalized to your dog and the groomers take as much time as they need to ensure your dog is as comfortable as possible. Each pet is given one-on-one attention with no distractions. In addition to washing and a haircut, nail trims, ear cleans, and pet tooth brushing are also available. Treats Unleashed is locally owned and operated so you can shop for toys, supplies, and homebaked treats before your dog returns home with you feeling and looking their best!