Kansas City's Dog Friendly Guide


Discover what our trainers love most about Kansas City’s dog-friendly hot spots!

Our trainers love exploring Kansas City and have found their favorite dog-friendly hangouts. Find out what each has to offer by reading our blogs below!

Pet-friendly stores in Kansas City

Kansas City’s Dog-Friendly Stores

Last week we went through some of our favorite stores that are geared toward pets. Did you know there are plenty of other stores that are pet-friendly even though they don’t cater

Boxer puppy

KC’s Top Local Pet Stores

Everyone who has a pet is familiar with major chains like PetSmart or PetCo, or even major online options such as Chewy.com, but Kansas City also has some gems of local pet

Dog Friendly Restaurants in KC

Pup Friendly Restaurants in Kansas City

After a long, strange string of snowstorms and wild temperature fluctuations, it feels as though we here in Kansas City are finally settling into the brief but glorious season of Spring! As

Saint Patrick's Day Dog Treats

Saint Patricks Day Dog Treats!

As dog trainers we are always in the kitchen preparing different food items for our dogs. More often than not, I find myself getting creative to incorporate different things into my pup’s

Dog-friendly Hiking Trails in Kansas City

Hiking with your dog in KCMO

Hiking has long been one of our favorite ways to exercise and socialize our own pets, as well as dogs we are working with for training! The Kansas City area is home

Valentine's Day Dog Cupcakes

Easy Valentine’s Day Pupcake Recipe

This recipe is super fun and easy for everyone to help make! We hope you enjoy making them as much as we did! As always, we recommend discussing with your veterinarian before