Kansas City's Dog Friendly Guide


Discover what our trainers love most about Kansas City’s dog-friendly hot spots!

Our trainers love exploring Kansas City and have found their favorite dog-friendly hangouts. Find out what each has to offer by reading our blogs below!

puppy laying on a bed

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Kansas City

There are a number of pet-friendly hotels in the area to explore, especially if you are looking for a mini getaway and want to take in the sights of Kansas City. Although

Corgi with holiday meatball treat

Holiday Dog Treat: Leftovers Edition

Holidays mean a lot of different things to people and one big commonality is food. Food can bring people together and provide a lot of nostalgia, particularly with the holiday classics. If

Dog with stuffed Kong

Holiday Stuffed Kong Recipe

We’re ringing in 2023 with this fun holiday recipe for your sweet pup to enjoy! You’ve probably smeared some peanut butter or a little squeeze cheese into your pup’s Kong before but

Dog in a person's lap at a coffee shop

Visiting Coffee Shops with Your Puppy

What’s better than snuggling up in your favorite jacket with a steaming cup of tea or coffee? Doing it with your puppy on your lap! It’s certainly not recommended to bring your

Dogs being groomed

Highly Reviewed Groomers in Kansas City

Grooming your dog might not always be the first thing on your mind, but it is an essential aspect of your dog’s life. Depending on their breed, dogs lose their hair consistently